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Led by Inkmaker Worlwide’s technical manager, Enrico Mattiazzi, the new HR initiative—focused on nurturing emotional intelligence skills of complex problem solving and critical-thinking—got off to a flying start. Piedmont's alpine foothills in Italy, set the conducive stage for project managers and engineers to venture from their comfort zones and explore out-of-the-box solutions. Fabio Racca, Marco Castellano and Luca Capello as well as Gianni Gastaudo, Pasquale Ruocco, Daniele Abate and Vincenzo Varlese were amongst the first tasked with resolving delicate situations under pressure.

“The programme is essentially designed around gaining a deeper understanding of our team and their needs and empowering them to tap into human resources, that they may not have been aware of having, and turning those into advantageous teamwork skills. It’s all about cognitive flexibility” explained Enrico.

“I was delighted with the outcome. It’s the first of a series of professional and personal-development #IMHRprogrammes that Inkmaker Worldwide has planned, for the last two-quarters of the year… judging by the outcome, we’ll soon be implementing them globally by next year” sustained Valentina Cigna, Director of HR at Inkmaker Worldwide.