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[Apr 01 2020] Lawyer Monthly magazine :: The agreement between the parties was to ensure continuity in production and commercial relations and to conserve Tecnopailsí production site in Piacenza and the maintenance of the current...       [Mar 30 2020] FTP magazine :: Inkmaker group announces that as of April 7th 2020 Inkmaker Shanghai will begin operating from a new 35,000 sqf facility -- double the size of its current factory space -- to meet with the demands due to the recent escalation in workload and...      

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About Us

We cater to businesses both large and small, to businesses like yours.

We provide automated dispensing systems for an array of applications; our systems are used by many of the biggest names in the ink, paint and packaging sectors.

We never believed in the one-size-fits-all approach; in fact, to meet your needs exactly, we make over 15 different types of dispensers and develop our own proprietary software inhouse.

This enables us to customize every single solution to meet your specific requirements.

Founded in Italy in 1987 and still in the same private ownership, over the years we successfully built a worldwide presence via subsidiaries in Europe, North and South America, Asia Pacific and China to service you wherever you are.

With hardware manufactured in Italy, China and Malaysia we offer quality, competitiveness, precision and efficiency and with over 1600 installations to our credit we can guarantee just that.

In short, Inkmaker delivers an unbeatable combination of price, accuracy, customization and service - which all adds up to an exceptional return of investment.

Our Certification

  • CE & ATEX for all Machines
  • TUV patent for welders of stainless steel piping lines construction
  • ISO 9001 Quality System Certified

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Shanghai, 26 Mar, 2020: Inkmaker goup announces that as of April 7th 2020 Inkmaker Shanghai will begin operating from a new 35,000 sqf facility—double the size of its current factory ... Read more

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