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Lyon, 18 Jan 2023. Olivier Daulon, General Manager, Inkmaker France and Elena Perepelitsa, Area Sales Manager, IM GROUP from the group’s French team wasted no time, after the new year festivities, to don their blue caps and safety vests to visit their first new client of the year.

“It’s all great news, and it looks like we’re going to be here again, soon!” said Mr. Daulon with a positive and mysterious smile, “I can’t reveal much more at this stage.”

“There are many aspects of our systems that SME printer’s such as these, find advantageous and an incredible return of investment; the speed of production, our formula-dosing accuracy, in-depth work-order traceability and our renowned market-leading software, IMAESTRO, make them a tempting offer to refuse,” explained Ms. Perepelitsa.

The duo are currently on a business tour of south-eastern France visiting printers in the region.

If you would like to book a visit or simply know more about IM GROUP’s unique solutions for the printing sector, get in touch today with;

Olivier Daulon (French, Italian and English) on or call direct at mobile number +33 633 67 58 34 or 

Elena Perepelitsa (French, English and Russian) or call direct on mobile number +33 647 20 21 07.

They’ll be looking forward to your call.