MaestrOn-line® Software

The on-line version enables you to manage your users,
factories, formulae and work orders instantly, easily and by
remote. It is ideal for multinationals and for suppliers with
international customers.

Key Benefits of MaestrOn-line® Software

Inkmaker’s MaestrOn-line® software delivers: 

  • Easier administration: our software is installed only once,
    on your database server, and is then maintained from a
    single location. Alternatively, we can hold your database
    on the Inkmaker server, completely freeing you from
    maintenance work.
  • Worldwide accessibility: you can connect to the central
    server whenever, wherever.
  • Product consistency: holding all your corporate product
    standards on a central server ensures total consistency.
  • Speed: software that runs on a dedicated server generally
    performs faster than on a hard drive.
  • Economy: for companies with multiple users, centralized
    software cuts the cost of software ownership.