Inkmaker Automated Dispensing Systems

Whether you need inks, paints or coatings for your own use or
for resale, your quality requirements are very specific – and
accuracy is vital.

Inkmaker’s dispensing equipment streamlines the custom
creation process by using a database containing bases,
resins and colorants to create the precise formulae for the
correct application. This database is accessed via a computer
that controls a series of valves and pumps that select the
appropriate ingredients which are then weighed, one at a time,
and dispensed into a container to be mixed into a final product.

All you have to do is enter a unique product code, specify a
quantity, and the components are dispensed within minutes.
It’s that simple!

We develop state-of-the art solutions for customers
worldwide. And by manufacturing our systems in Italy, China
and Malaysia, we cut shipping costs and speed up delivery.

Manufacture and Supply
We manufacture and supply a range of exceptionally simple,
accurate and reliable dispensing systems for:
  • printing inks
  • offset and UV inks
  • industrial coatings
  • decorative paints
  • coil coatings
  • car refinishing
  • wood coatings
  • marine and aeronautical coatings
  • specialty chemicals
Design, Engineer and Custom-Build
For many of our customers we provide an end-to-end service,
from consultancy and engineering design to equipment
engineering and customization. We can either just provide you
with the engineering plans or undertake entire turnkey projects.