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Inkmaker's software is the result of 25 years of experience. Constantly updated to satisfy every new requirement, it is now available for installation on any machine, matching benefits to customer's needs. With the aim to meet our clients' expectations, we have in fact developed the skill of installing our Unique Software Maestro® / MaestrOn-line® in any equipment, even in case they do not belong to our range of machines. This bonds you not just the great advantages deriving from the efficiency and high quality of Maestro® software (with one year guarantee plus a facultative Preventive Maintenance Contract). It also provides you with the worldwide customer after sales support which is an exclusive prerogative of all Inkmaker's contracts.

What we are offering, it is first of all a free-of-charge preliminary study of the production's department as well as of the
machine. Our purpose is to understand how things actually work, before intervening in the process.

In this way we can truly guarantee you
a performance improvement
of the industrial process.

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