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This mobile dispensing unit improves color-correction just in time and can be moved to the printing machine.

  • The system is operated via a computer using Maestro® software
  • The unit formulates color corrections online via a spectrophotometer next to the printing machine (Inkmaker provides the connection between the software and the spectrophotometer)
  • This unit holds small quantities of all the same base colors and varnishes as the main dispensing unit
  • Dispensing is controlled by a notebook computer which can normally be taken to zone 2, thus avoiding shutdowns when the unit is moved from one printing machine to another 
  • Inkmaker supplies quick connections to both electrical and pneumatic supplies, which must be located near the printing machine
  • The unit is connected to a printing machine in a non-classified zone such as the paper roll loading / unloading zone 
  • The unit is moved to the printing machine manually, and connected to it via a safe plug-socket
  • The spectrophotometer detects the chromatic setting of the printing and sends the information to the notebook via a test file
  • The notebook processes the file and manages the dispensing
  • Viscosity is as for standard solvent-based inks

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