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This system is ideal for high turnover manufacturer-owned paint stores or distribution centers, as well as heavy traffic commercial and contract paint centers.

  • Easypaint is an automatic, integrated dispensing system, designed for high-volume productivity
  • The system is operated via a computer using Maestro® software
  • Exact color reproducibility, amazing speed and integrated automatic mixing guarantee fast and reliable performance
  • Precise quantities can be accurately dispensed on a gravimetric or volumetric basis
  • All white bases are stored in conveniently located storage containers
  • A custom-designed distribution system transfers the required components to the gravimetric dispensing head
  • Once the white base has been dispensed, the container automatically positions itself under the volumetric tinting system, which swiftly and simultaneously dispenses all the coloring agents
  • Once the white base has been tinted, the container is automatically sealed and moved along a conveyor belt to the final mixing stage
  • If Easypaint is intended for use with both water-based and solvent-based paints, the “Ex” version will be supplied

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